May 2020

ADHD Natural Treatment - Chiropractic Care
Dr. Yannick Pauli

Your child's psychiatrist will not tell you this, but spinal trauma and head injuries account for as many as 20% of ADHD cases in children. While attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is mainly caused by a deficiency in neurotransmitters, a healthy, well-functioning spine is also needed for the brain to function at its best. The spine and the postural muscles that support it contain thousands of receptors that translate muscular stimulation into neurological information that travel through the spinal cord and stimulate the brain. Since the spine and the postural muscles are always at the mercy of gravity and our movement, they provide the brain's primary source of neurological stimulation.

For this reason, treating the spine may be able to help children and adults with ADHD, especially if they have had any spinal trauma. Chiropractic is a healing science premised on the notion that overall health is closely connected to the nervous system. Our brains are at the center of everything we do, from our conscious thoughts and actions to unconscious processes and impulses. The spinal cord, the primary communication pathway that links the brain to the entire body, is incased within the spinal column and skull. In order for the lines of communication to remain clear, the skull, the spinal cord, and the bones and muscles surrounding it have to be healthy. Any vertebral sublaxations or mechanical dysfunctions that affect the skull or spine will have a negative effect on the communication processes between the brain and the nerves, giving rise to behavioral, cognitive, and even emotional problems.

Instead of using pharmaceutical drugs to suppress the symptoms of a disorder, chiropractic care restores balance to the body by adjusting weak parts and repairing any problems in the spine. These adjustments allow the body to heal while restoring the balance in the nervous system. The approaches used in chiropractic care vary from gentle spinal adjustment procedures to lifestyle counseling.

It is possible to use chiropractic care to help your child overcome ADHD. Since 1989, chiropractors have been treating hyperactive children through chiropractic techniques, and have been successful in doing so. Today, there are at least 20 documented cases that show how chiropractic care changed the lives of children with ADHD after medication failed. And with the advances in chiropractic medicine, treatment options for children with ADHD are even more sophisticated and varied.

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ADHD Natural Treatment - Chiropractic Care

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