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April 2019

Can a Chiropractor Help a "Healthy" Person?
Paul A Buchanan

Did you know that your nervous system is directly connected to the condition of your entire body? That's right, every cell in your body is affected by your nervous system. A chiropractor is a type of doctor that focuses on the health of the spinal system. After all, it is your spine that protects the nervous system and spinal cord. Why wouldn't you want it to be healthy? A chiropractor can help you even if you already consider yourself to be "healthy". Whether you are male or female, injured, or pregnant... if you have a spine, they can help.

Everyone desires a strong immune system. Getting hit with a cold or the flu can put you out of work and leave you feeling sick or groggy for days. Sure, you can cure an illness with medicine after it has made its way into your body, but why not take preventative measures instead? Seeing a chiropractor can help you prevent those illnesses. By getting adjustments you can improve your immune and nervous system. Having misalignments in the spine, also known as subluxations, can cause irritation and compression that negatively affects nerve pathways. These stresses can lower your immune system and make you vulnerable to disease. One study done by Ronald Pero, Ph.D. shows that those who take advantage of chiropractic care have an improved immune system by 200% over those that do not. The study also proved that patients with serious disease or cancer had an improved immune system by 400% if they see a chiropractor.

Not only can this type of doctor help you improve your immune system, but they can help you if you have been injured in the past. Even if you are not experiencing an active discomfort from your injury, you could in the future. Getting adjusted helps prevent future problems caused by your injury.

Seeing a chiropractor helps your ability to heal naturally. They aim to eliminate the use of surgery and medicine by naturally healing your body and boosting the immune system. Just because you feel healthy, doesn't mean that your body is in its best condition. For example, spinal nerve stress is not painful but can be the cause of many stresses. Just like seeing your regular doctor or dentist, a chiropractor also accepts insurance. Find one in your area and set up a consolation to see what they can do for you and your body.

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Can a Chiropractor Help a "Healthy" Person?

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