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March 2019

Chiropractic Has Major Positive Effect on Headache Pain
Dr. Tom Scherer

A study compared 53 subjects who had cervicogenic (neck related) headaches in accordance with the standards of the International Headache Society.

The group was split in two. Approximately half of the group received chiropractic manipulation; the other half received low-level laser and deep friction massage. The care was given in six sessions over three weeks.

Significant improvement occurred in both halves, especially in those receiving chiropractic treatment.

Those receiving chiropractic manipulation for their headaches:

- decreased their medication use by 36%

- decreased their headache hours by 69%

- decreased their headache intensity by 36%

The results of the study may not be good news to makers of over-the-counter pain medication, but is good news for those wanting to relieve headache pain without drugs; and by addressing the cause of the pain, rather than just treating symptoms.

SOURCE: The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 1997, as reported in Dynamic Chiropractic, October


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Chiropractic Has Major Positive Effect on Headache Pain
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