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January 2019

Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Maybe you are not allowed to plant a garden because you rent an apartment or a house, or maybe you just do not have enough yard space available for a garden. Either way, container gardening is an easy way to grow your own produce without worry.

Fruits and vegetables for container gardening
The following fruits and vegetables are appropriate:

Salad greens, such as:
Leaf lettuce
Bibb lettuce
Green beans
Green onions
These suggestions can help get you started.

Appropriate plant varieties
Select bush or dwarf varieties of plants. These adapt well to growing in a pot.

Choose almost any container, just so it is large enough:

Flower pots
Wire baskets
Wooden boxes

Use at least a 4-gallon container for larger plants, such as:


If you choose a terra-cotta container, beware of overdrying. Line wooden containers with plastic to prevent rotting. Make sure that your container has drainage holes in the bottom. Select light-colored containers, because dark containers absorb heat and could cause damage to the plants.

Use potting soil in your containers. Some people prefer synthetic mixes that contain peat. Garden soil generally is not recommended, because it is too heavy and difficult to aerate.

Add either a slow-release or a complete organic fertilizer at the time of planting. Many people add liquid fertilizer to their watering can every time they water their plants.

Water frequently. Plants in pots and containers require more frequent watering than those in the ground.

Sun or shade
Read the seed packet or plant tags to see how much sun or shade your plants require, and plan accordingly. For example, strawberries require 6 hours of sun/day.

Remember that you need to stake or cage tomatoes to produce the most fruit and to prevent them from falling over as they grow.

Start growing plants earlier in the year and keep them growing past their regular season by bringing them in at night.

Consider self-pollination, if you plan to keep your plants indoors.

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