Healthy Patients
July 2018

Dr. Sean Reif D.C.

1. Get moving. Regular doses of moderate physical activity - including walking, jogging, aerobics or dancing keep the flame burning brighter.

2. Take a tea break. Tea's healing power comes from antioxidants work to help neutralize free radicals.

3. Smile. Like the chicken or the egg, are you smiling because you are happy or happy because you are smiling.

4. Eat fish. Omega 3 fatty acids increase the viscosity of platelets preventing clumping and clotting.

5. Have better sex. Sex is a natural part of a healthy, active and loving relationship and helps us to become closer.

6. Eat breakfast. A morning meal boosts your metabolic rate and stabilizes your appetite.

7. Take a nap. Just 10 minute in the day to relax, rest, revive, meditate, to regain your focus.

8. Make rice the staple and meat the side dish.

9. Jot down your words, goals, accomplishments.

10. Stop smoking.


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