Dr Donna Polk
June 2017

Alternative Treatments for Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Tess Thompson

If you are not sleeping well, enjoying food and work; you are nervous, fearful or tense then you must check your health. These are the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder. The cause of anxiety is mental stress, strong desire, apprehension or psychic tension. The reasons for this could be day-to-day life problems related to relationships, work, finance, mental or physical exertion, other personal or social circumstances and environment.

These problems may be temporary but they disturb our normal healthy body-system. It is good to find a solution to the problem that is the cause of anxiety and/or panic, at the same time it is necessary to take care of mental & physical health while dealing with the problems.

Natural anxiety medications provide the necessary tonic to keep anxiety attacks and nervous breakdowns under control. They provide the required mental & physical strength to fight the devil. The anxiety relief products like lavender and passion flower calm the nervous system and recharge the body by providing the necessary rest. The passion flower treats insomnia, controls high blood-pressure and nervousness.

The advantage of natural treatment is that it keeps you healthy and fit; you can work on your problem without feeling sick. These natural treatments do not have any side-effects; they assist in providing relief to the irregular and abnormal body physiological system.

When in anxiety it is necessary to take anxiety relief products to avoid panic attacks; prevention is better than cure. Panic attacks due to anxiety, depression or insomnia can be physically harmful to self or others.

Psychiatric drugs and anti-depressants are used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. There are other ways medicines can be avoided: by exercise, regular meals, talking, regular sleep and involvement in an activity that you enjoy. An otherwise healthy person under psychiatric drugs may feel socially inferior; this could add to anxiety and complicate the problem.

With natural treatment one can regain confidence in self and work to resolve the root cause of anxiety with a stronger determination. The natural panic attack treatments reduce anxiety level and help avoid future panic attacks.

Natural treatments like lavender and Melissa officinalis calm the nervous system to reduce irritability, nervousness and restlessness. Natural treatments keep you close to the nature's healing powers; the confidence of being assisted by nature energizes you and induces within you a determination to cooperate with these powers to resolve your life problem.

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