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February 2017

10 Emotions and Solutions

Feeling 1: Stress
Solution: Practice relaxing by exercising, meditating, think of a pleasant place or experience from your past, or listen to music.

Feeling 2: Anxiety
Solution: Try the above relaxation techniques or some physical activity. Make sure to pay attention to what you are drinking - are you consuming more coffee, tea, or other caffeinated beverages?

Feeling 3: Boredom
Solution: Find new interests, meet new people, spend time with friends, develop new hobbies and interests, read a book, or go to a movie.

Feeling 4: Loneliness
Solution: Call friends and family, write letters, join a group or a club. Find an organization you like and volunteer your time.

Feeling 5: Depression
Solution: Try to identify the source of your depression - a loss, separation, difference of opinion, criticism, or anger. Write it down on paper, or talk it over with someone. Sometimes seeking help is necessary to get through it.

Feeling 6: Frustration
Solution: Identify one source of your frustration and confront it. New boundaries need to be set. Learn to state your needs and desires clearly to resolve frustration.

Feeling 7: Tiredness
Solution: Take a nap, have some quiet time, or go for a walk.

Feeling 8: Sleeplessness
Solution: Take a warm bath, or try reading, relaxation, or visualization.

Feeling 9: Hyperactivity
Solution: Try relaxation techniques. Look at what you can eliminate so you can have less activity.

Feeling 10: Aches and Pains
Solution: Try exercise to help with flexibility and strengthening or a hot shower or bath to relax your muscles.

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