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May 2012

Chiropractic Effective in Treating Tonsillitis
Dr. Tom Scherer


Several recent studies have shown that children and adults who suffer with tonsillitis can be effectively treated by receiving Chiropractic care.

76 children suffered with chronic tonsillitis and restricted movement of the head and neck; of those, 70 also had spinal dysfunction. 37 children, who had not been operated on, were given spinal manipulation and followed for five years. Of those, 67.6% were entirely cured of tonsillitis; the remaining children continued receiving Chiropractic treatment.

Another study reviewed the cases of 46 patients with chronic tonsillitis. 10 patients only received Chiropractic care. No relapses of tonsillitis occurred during the observation period (from 3-9 months), which was during the winter period. Five patients received Chiropractic treatment prior to their operation; one patient relapsed. 28 patients received only surgical treatment. Of which, the blockage only disappeared in four patients; two developed blockage to the degree they needed surgery.

Studies also show that children and adults who don?t take antibiotics for a sore throat fare just as well as those who do. Researchers claim antibiotics only provide marginal benefits; encourage people to seek unnecessary medical care in future episodes; and most cases of sore throat resolve without being treated with antibiotics.

In addition, researchers also studied 200 pediatricians and 200 chiropractors to determine if there were any differences in children who were raised under different health care models. 43% of the pediatrician?s children suffered from tonsillitis compared to less than

27% of the Chiropractic children. Children of Chiropractic parents were also found to have lower antibiotic use and a lower incidence of disease.

SOURCE: Manipulative Therapy and Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System, 1991, p. 259; Chronic

Tonsillitis and the Upper Cervical Spine, 1975: 77(1):30-2; www.

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